Tips On Choosing Hanging Egg Chairs

by kai .

A hanging egg chair, commonly known as a hammock chair, allows a user to enjoy a relaxing, fun moment in the backyard. There are several types of hammock chairs available in the furniture market. Hence, it is crucial to take some factors into consideration to choose the ideal hanging chair for you.

Through the years, the egg chair has retained its original classic appeal. Today, there are many home designs of the chair, including the hanging design and the design with a base stand.

Despite being considered a classic chair design, the egg still captures the hearts of many contemporary design lovers. The egg chair has now redefined the home styling and comfort.

The most important factors to consider include but are not limited to the following:


Location to Hang the Egg Chair

When choosing an egg chair, you need to consider whether you will hang the chair outdoors or indoors. If you opt to hang the chair outdoors, like in most cases with hammock chairs, you need to make sure that the chosen chair is weather resistant.

A weather resistant egg chair will not fray or acquire mold when exposed to outdoor wet weather conditions. A hammock chair for use outdoors should also come with a color that does not bleach or fade quickly.


beautiful hanging egg chair


Type of Installation

Different egg chairs have varying methods of installation. For instance, there are those that hang from a chair stand, from a tree, and even from the ceiling. You should assess your needs and how you wish to hang it, and go for one that is ideal for your preferred hanging location.

For instance, if you have small kids and worried that they might fall from the hanging chair, you can avoid a hammock chair that hangs from a tree or the ceiling, and choose one that comes with a stand.



Weight Limits

Hanging Egg chairs come with weight restrictions and capacity limits. Hence, it is crucial to consider who will be sitting on the chair. The ideal one should allow you or your family members to sit comfortably without fear of falling.

If the egg chair is meant for only one person, then more than one person should not sit on it to avoid a fall or destroying the chair.


The aim of purchasing and installing a hammock chair is to relax. Hence, it is vital to consider extra comfort features in the chair of choice such as footrests, pillows, armrests, and cup holders.

These tips are important to keep in mind when choosing a hammock chair. For the egg chair to last longer, you should treat it carefully and not like a swing or a toy. Hence, avoid sitting on it or swinging in a way that a manufacturer does not recommend.

If you are to hang the chair from a tree, ensure that the branch is strong enough to hold your weight. Always be keen to hang it in a secure way so that you may not fall off or break the chair. Upon installing a hanging chair, always test its stability before using it. If it is not stable enough, relocate it to a better location for the best stability.