Things To Know About Stand Alone Solar Energy

by kai .

stand alone solar girl
Stand-alone solar energy enables you to generate power to your residential area without the need of connection to the power grid. This system is very suitable to individuals who need to have self-sufficient power or those who are not close to power grid. The solar energy through this system is generated by solar panel which can be installed to the roof of a building or on purpose-built poles and stands.

The power tapped is used by appliance in the building and any extra energy is then fed into batteries to keep them charged. These batteries are used to supply power during the night when solar is not available. You may also use a regulator to convert the generated electricity for use with 240v devices. Note that the deep cycle batteries provide power for 24 hours which can be stored and can even be used during winter months.

This system is best suitable for remote residential properties, mining application, residential properties and community use building that may not have access to power grid. Stand alone solar power kits is a valid sound investment because of its several benefits which include the following:

  • Electricity bills are no longer there
  • Minimizes green -house gas emissions
  • It is a clean, green silent energy production
  • Suitable for remote locations and helps in cutting the costs which could have been use to installed expensive underground feeds or poles from the power grid
  • Environmentally friendly
  • It is a long lasting system of approximately 25 years or over
  • Add value to your property
  • Offer protection for any annual rises in electricity costs.

Stand alone solar power kits are available and you just need to obtain quotes from solar power providers for the installation of stand alone solar energy. Ensure that the kits you purchase for the installation of the system comes with a detailed instruction guide to avoid any problem that may arise during the process.