How to Choose the Right Theme During Bathroom Renovation

by kai .

beautifully designed bathroom




When a person is looking to remodel their bathroom there are some easy tips to follow. A bathroom renovation project can turn an ordinary bathroom into a dream bathroom by following a few simple tips.



Instead of buying all new appliances look at the items that can be reused. Some things such as the sink or the tile can be refurnished for a fraction of the cost of replacing them.


Do Not Move the Plumbing

Even when installing a new bathtub or a sink find a model that can fit into the current plumbing system. This will save a lot of money in having to call in a plumber and have all the system reconfigured. There are many nice models of tubs and sinks that can fit into the current place where the pipes are and still look great.


Install a New Mirror

This will help the bathroom in several ways. A mirror over the sink is functional. A person will be able to see what they are doing so they can perfect their grooming habits. The mirror will also make the bathroom appear to be larger. A new mirror can give the bathroom a fresh and new look.


Change out the Hardware

This is something simple that can make a big change in the bathroom. Changing the drawer pulls, the faucets and the handles, and the shower heads can make a huge difference. A person can find something colorful and new looking to keep the bathroom looking fresh.

These are just some simple ways that a person can change up their bathroom. These renovation tips can help a person fix up their bathroom and give it a fresh and new look.


Once you’ve got all the items for your bathroom the next big step is organizing them in the correct manner. Joe from bathroom renovations Sydney suggests that this will be determined mostly by the frequency of use of the toilet. There is organizing furniture for your bathroom that demarcates a place for your towels, toilet cleaners and makes judicious use of the space at your disposal.


Choose the theme


After the budget has been finalised, and you have zeroed in on the proper furniture and accessories for your bathroom, you need to choose an underlying theme for your bathroom. Now, the design of the products you buy will be a decisive factor in selecting a theme.


The theme you choose can be anything from tropical, Tuscany, nautical or even contain a vibrant colour palette. Once you’ve chosen a theme, you can easily find accessories with matching colour. The wallpaper or the wall paint shall set the tone for the bathroom that will be built upon by the accessories. The towels might be of a lighter shade or a complementing colour with respect to the background theme. The various accessories that you can use are Rugs, Bath towels, Hand towels, Towel racks, and Soap dispensers; among many other products.


There are some extra suggestions which you might find useful.


  1. Nautical theme: In case you are unsure about the amount of blue you’ve used to give it the required look, add a painting or mural. It adds a refreshing touch. You may also add sea shells and white corals at strategic locations for the desired ambience.


  1. Floral pattern: This pattern can be tricky and if you’re going for it, make sure you do no use overtly large flower patterned wallpaper. That takes the attention away from your bathroom accessories and does not give a classy appeal. Instead, go for smaller prints or block prints and place fresh flower pots inside the bathroom. This lends a very fresh and airy feel to the bathroom, and you will feel cheerful instantly and is a recurring theme in bathroom accessories Sydney.