Glass 101 For The Sydney Community

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In the world of glass in Sydney, there’s so much diversity and so many different types it would take weeks to list off every single one. The way we use glass is constantly evolving and in turn is consistently breeding new kinds of glass along the way. So to keep it simple, let’s focus on the two giant key features that differentiates one type of glass from another: material and function.



The New South Wales association of glass says that the first types of glass harvested and used by people was the naturally occurring volcanic glass obsidian. But as time ran on and the popularity of artificial glass production started to kick off, the materials used started to become very diverse due to experimentation in search of better and more efficient types of glass. One of the more popular types of glass being made today is called soda-lime glass. It’s primarily made of silica and is popular due to its low production costs, stability and is easy to mould and manipulate for various kinds of effects.

One of the other main kinds of glass that is popularly produced for the purpose of strength and durability are safety glasses. This kind of glass is combined with various kinds of plastics like polycarbonate or some other kind of thermoplastic, acrylic and laminated glass. Using these kinds of materials in the production of glass can make it resistant to various kinds of force or shock and temperature.

Faux glass is also becoming more popular in eastern and western suburbs of Sydney region as well. Various forms of plastic are commonly being used in place of glass due to it being light, cost effective and durability. Some plastics are produced to mimic the appearance of glass so precisely that many people can’t even tell the difference.


Technically most glass is used for safety in one form or another. Glass windows protect us from the elements while acting as a light source, resistant glasses can protect people or objects from physical damage or theft, resistant glass is even occasionally used as face guards on helmets to protect motorcyclists from blinding UV rays or dust and debris on the road or even (heaven forbid) the road itself in the event of an accident.

The other primary use of glass is for aesthetic purposes. One of glasses very first uses was decorative beading and the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree. Both coloured and clear glass is used for the production of art (such as stained glass windows), decorative sculptures and objects, and on occasion modern beading and jewellery making.

Glass is still a very popular material for certain tools as well. Glass corrects vision, assists with cooking, and allows the transportation of goods to name just a few of its uses. Due to the numerous functions it still has in our daily lives, glass won’t be going away any time soon.


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