How To Get In The Mood To Measure Window Treatments

by kai .

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It is so refreshing and rewarding to outfit your home with new window treatments. However, the process of measuring window treatments can make you worry about when styling your home with new shades or blind and therefore hesitate. Not any more! Lets get your spirit warmed and get in the mood to measure!

First, get yourself in the right mood. Once your mind in in the measurement mode, determine whether you want to have an inside or outside mount. Knowing the type of mount you are going to use saves you lots of time. Fortunately, the measuring process for both inside and outside mounts is very similar. All you are required to do is to take a three(bottom, middle and top) vertical and horizontal measurements of your window. Round off all your measurements to the nearest 1/8 of an inch to ensure your blinds to be short.

For the inside mounts, your measurements should be for the exact widths and heights of the window. However, for the outside windows, your measurements will cover the size of the area you want to cover. The difference between the two mounts: an inside mount means you are putting the treatment inside the window frame for a uniform and clean look; outside shades or blinds on the other hand go over and around the window to create more space to work with, with various options available.

The measuring process may get tedious at a point; give yourself a break at this point. Step back from the window and take a deep breath. You can visualize how wonderful your windows are going to look. Picture the flowing drapery, the soft light filtering in via your blinds, and such like stuffs. Focusing on the reward will not only help the time fly by, you will also get back to the game and the work will seem easy. Once all the measurements are made, go ahead and find more about cheap blinds Sydney to beautify your home.

Measuring your windows is a fulfilling process and should not take so long. Once you master the basics, you can even thrill yourself to the toughest window treatments and become the master of measurements!