Do-It-Yourself: Stylish Concrete Resurfacing Techniques You Can Use

by kai .

When you decide to repair the concrete surface in your backyard that is just an eye-sore, and want to make it beautiful again, it doesn’t have to be plain as before. In this article, you will learn how to restore and make your concrete surface more beautiful and stylish while you repair and resurface it.

You don’t have to lay it in sections with dividing joints so there are no cracks sticking to the old guidelines or make it a plain white or grey surface. You can make it look like anything. Provided you learn how to do it, you can make your concrete surface look like virtually anything under the sun. With skill, techniques and patience, your concrete resurfacing job might look like slate and bricks designs, marble or wooden floors with a basketball court design.


Surface Preparation

Take care of the cracks, scaling or dusting before you start with the resurfacing work because the surface has to be absolutely clean to have the desired effects of resurfacing.

Use a light scrub after washing the surface with water to find out any damage it might have. Any stains or mildew can be cleaned with a bleach and warm water solution after being power-washed.


Steps of Resurfacing

The steps after the cleaning process is over will vary according to the kind of job you are getting done. The possibilities are limitless. You need to put enough time and thought into the kind of surface you want and then get started with the project. Let’s have a look at an overview of the resurfacing process.

Follow the specifications given by the manufacturer and mix your polymer. Use a drill and mixing paddle and also add overlay material to it. Then stir the colorant until you have the desired consistency.

The specifications change according to the materials you use, so you might have to add colorant before the overlay material.  Squeegee or trowel the mixture after you apply it to the substrate.

You can get spray down or knock down finish if you want to create a design or want to have a smooth surface. You will have to follow the steps required to create a particular finish. For textured finishes, you can use stamps for design effect and for the high traction areas, a Broom finish is the best.

Once the resurfacing process is complete, follow manufacturer specifications and apply sealant to the surface. Both surfacing and sealant take a lot of time to dry so plan things accordingly. Also, it takes a few days for the inside and outside surface to dry without any traffic or rain.


Resurfacing Options

There are several options available to create the concrete surface of your dreams. For example, create an antique marble design and stamp bordering patterns around it and in between sections, stamp a ‘brink’ design with stone designs.

You can also lock the hand stamps of your kids or grandkids in a newly finished surface in order to antique the finish and highlight the fun your family members had that day. Or you can have your favorite team on your driveway.