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Tips On Choosing Hanging Egg Chairs

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A hanging egg chair, commonly known as a hammock chair, allows a user to enjoy a relaxing, fun moment in the backyard. There are several types of hammock chairs available in the furniture market. Hence, it is crucial to take some factors into consideration to choose the ideal hanging chair for you.

Through the years, the egg chair has retained its original classic appeal. Today, there are many home designs of the chair, including the hanging design and the design with a base stand.

Despite being considered a classic chair design, the egg still captures the hearts of many contemporary design lovers. The egg chair has now redefined the home styling and comfort.

The most important factors to consider include but are not limited to the following:


Location to Hang the Egg Chair

When choosing an egg chair, you need to consider whether you will hang the chair outdoors or indoors. If you opt to hang the chair outdoors, like in most cases with hammock chairs, you need to make sure that the chosen chair is weather resistant.

A weather resistant egg chair will not fray or acquire mold when exposed to outdoor wet weather conditions. A hammock chair for use outdoors should also come with a color that does not bleach or fade quickly.


beautiful hanging egg chair


Type of Installation

Different egg chairs have varying methods of installation. For instance, there are those that hang from a chair stand, from a tree, and even from the ceiling. You should assess your needs and how you wish to hang it, and go for one that is ideal for your preferred hanging location.

For instance, if you have small kids and worried that they might fall from the hanging chair, you can avoid a hammock chair that hangs from a tree or the ceiling, and choose one that comes with a stand.



Weight Limits

Hanging Egg chairs come with weight restrictions and capacity limits. Hence, it is crucial to consider who will be sitting on the chair. The ideal one should allow you or your family members to sit comfortably without fear of falling.

If the egg chair is meant for only one person, then more than one person should not sit on it to avoid a fall or destroying the chair.


The aim of purchasing and installing a hammock chair is to relax. Hence, it is vital to consider extra comfort features in the chair of choice such as footrests, pillows, armrests, and cup holders.

These tips are important to keep in mind when choosing a hammock chair. For the egg chair to last longer, you should treat it carefully and not like a swing or a toy. Hence, avoid sitting on it or swinging in a way that a manufacturer does not recommend.

If you are to hang the chair from a tree, ensure that the branch is strong enough to hold your weight. Always be keen to hang it in a secure way so that you may not fall off or break the chair. Upon installing a hanging chair, always test its stability before using it. If it is not stable enough, relocate it to a better location for the best stability.

Do-It-Yourself: Stylish Concrete Resurfacing Techniques You Can Use

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When you decide to repair the concrete surface in your backyard that is just an eye-sore, and want to make it beautiful again, it doesn’t have to be plain as before. In this article, you will learn how to restore and make your concrete surface more beautiful and stylish while you repair and resurface it.

You don’t have to lay it in sections with dividing joints so there are no cracks sticking to the old guidelines or make it a plain white or grey surface. You can make it look like anything. Provided you learn how to do it, you can make your concrete surface look like virtually anything under the sun. With skill, techniques and patience, your concrete resurfacing job might look like slate and bricks designs, marble or wooden floors with a basketball court design.


Surface Preparation

Take care of the cracks, scaling or dusting before you start with the resurfacing work because the surface has to be absolutely clean to have the desired effects of resurfacing.

Use a light scrub after washing the surface with water to find out any damage it might have. Any stains or mildew can be cleaned with a bleach and warm water solution after being power-washed.


Steps of Resurfacing

The steps after the cleaning process is over will vary according to the kind of job you are getting done. The possibilities are limitless. You need to put enough time and thought into the kind of surface you want and then get started with the project. Let’s have a look at an overview of the resurfacing process.

Follow the specifications given by the manufacturer and mix your polymer. Use a drill and mixing paddle and also add overlay material to it. Then stir the colorant until you have the desired consistency.

The specifications change according to the materials you use, so you might have to add colorant before the overlay material.  Squeegee or trowel the mixture after you apply it to the substrate.

You can get spray down or knock down finish if you want to create a design or want to have a smooth surface. You will have to follow the steps required to create a particular finish. For textured finishes, you can use stamps for design effect and for the high traction areas, a Broom finish is the best.

Once the resurfacing process is complete, follow manufacturer specifications and apply sealant to the surface. Both surfacing and sealant take a lot of time to dry so plan things accordingly. Also, it takes a few days for the inside and outside surface to dry without any traffic or rain.


Resurfacing Options

There are several options available to create the concrete surface of your dreams. For example, create an antique marble design and stamp bordering patterns around it and in between sections, stamp a ‘brink’ design with stone designs.

You can also lock the hand stamps of your kids or grandkids in a newly finished surface in order to antique the finish and highlight the fun your family members had that day. Or you can have your favorite team on your driveway.

Glass 101 For The Sydney Community

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glass fun facts

In the world of glass in Sydney, there’s so much diversity and so many different types it would take weeks to list off every single one. The way we use glass is constantly evolving and in turn is consistently breeding new kinds of glass along the way. So to keep it simple, let’s focus on the two giant key features that differentiates one type of glass from another: material and function.



The New South Wales association of glass says that the first types of glass harvested and used by people was the naturally occurring volcanic glass obsidian. But as time ran on and the popularity of artificial glass production started to kick off, the materials used started to become very diverse due to experimentation in search of better and more efficient types of glass. One of the more popular types of glass being made today is called soda-lime glass. It’s primarily made of silica and is popular due to its low production costs, stability and is easy to mould and manipulate for various kinds of effects.

One of the other main kinds of glass that is popularly produced for the purpose of strength and durability are safety glasses. This kind of glass is combined with various kinds of plastics like polycarbonate or some other kind of thermoplastic, acrylic and laminated glass. Using these kinds of materials in the production of glass can make it resistant to various kinds of force or shock and temperature.

Faux glass is also becoming more popular in eastern and western suburbs of Sydney region as well. Various forms of plastic are commonly being used in place of glass due to it being light, cost effective and durability. Some plastics are produced to mimic the appearance of glass so precisely that many people can’t even tell the difference.


Technically most glass is used for safety in one form or another. Glass windows protect us from the elements while acting as a light source, resistant glasses can protect people or objects from physical damage or theft, resistant glass is even occasionally used as face guards on helmets to protect motorcyclists from blinding UV rays or dust and debris on the road or even (heaven forbid) the road itself in the event of an accident.

The other primary use of glass is for aesthetic purposes. One of glasses very first uses was decorative beading and the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree. Both coloured and clear glass is used for the production of art (such as stained glass windows), decorative sculptures and objects, and on occasion modern beading and jewellery making.

Glass is still a very popular material for certain tools as well. Glass corrects vision, assists with cooking, and allows the transportation of goods to name just a few of its uses. Due to the numerous functions it still has in our daily lives, glass won’t be going away any time soon.


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How to Choose the Right Theme During Bathroom Renovation

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beautifully designed bathroom




When a person is looking to remodel their bathroom there are some easy tips to follow. A bathroom renovation project can turn an ordinary bathroom into a dream bathroom by following a few simple tips.



Instead of buying all new appliances look at the items that can be reused. Some things such as the sink or the tile can be refurnished for a fraction of the cost of replacing them.


Do Not Move the Plumbing

Even when installing a new bathtub or a sink find a model that can fit into the current plumbing system. This will save a lot of money in having to call in a plumber and have all the system reconfigured. There are many nice models of tubs and sinks that can fit into the current place where the pipes are and still look great.


Install a New Mirror

This will help the bathroom in several ways. A mirror over the sink is functional. A person will be able to see what they are doing so they can perfect their grooming habits. The mirror will also make the bathroom appear to be larger. A new mirror can give the bathroom a fresh and new look.


Change out the Hardware

This is something simple that can make a big change in the bathroom. Changing the drawer pulls, the faucets and the handles, and the shower heads can make a huge difference. A person can find something colorful and new looking to keep the bathroom looking fresh.

These are just some simple ways that a person can change up their bathroom. These renovation tips can help a person fix up their bathroom and give it a fresh and new look.


Once you’ve got all the items for your bathroom the next big step is organizing them in the correct manner. Joe from bathroom renovations Sydney suggests that this will be determined mostly by the frequency of use of the toilet. There is organizing furniture for your bathroom that demarcates a place for your towels, toilet cleaners and makes judicious use of the space at your disposal.


Choose the theme


After the budget has been finalised, and you have zeroed in on the proper furniture and accessories for your bathroom, you need to choose an underlying theme for your bathroom. Now, the design of the products you buy will be a decisive factor in selecting a theme.


The theme you choose can be anything from tropical, Tuscany, nautical or even contain a vibrant colour palette. Once you’ve chosen a theme, you can easily find accessories with matching colour. The wallpaper or the wall paint shall set the tone for the bathroom that will be built upon by the accessories. The towels might be of a lighter shade or a complementing colour with respect to the background theme. The various accessories that you can use are Rugs, Bath towels, Hand towels, Towel racks, and Soap dispensers; among many other products.


There are some extra suggestions which you might find useful.


  1. Nautical theme: In case you are unsure about the amount of blue you’ve used to give it the required look, add a painting or mural. It adds a refreshing touch. You may also add sea shells and white corals at strategic locations for the desired ambience.


  1. Floral pattern: This pattern can be tricky and if you’re going for it, make sure you do no use overtly large flower patterned wallpaper. That takes the attention away from your bathroom accessories and does not give a classy appeal. Instead, go for smaller prints or block prints and place fresh flower pots inside the bathroom. This lends a very fresh and airy feel to the bathroom, and you will feel cheerful instantly and is a recurring theme in bathroom accessories Sydney.

How To Get In The Mood To Measure Window Treatments

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home blinds
It is so refreshing and rewarding to outfit your home with new window treatments. However, the process of measuring window treatments can make you worry about when styling your home with new shades or blind and therefore hesitate. Not any more! Lets get your spirit warmed and get in the mood to measure!

First, get yourself in the right mood. Once your mind in in the measurement mode, determine whether you want to have an inside or outside mount. Knowing the type of mount you are going to use saves you lots of time. Fortunately, the measuring process for both inside and outside mounts is very similar. All you are required to do is to take a three(bottom, middle and top) vertical and horizontal measurements of your window. Round off all your measurements to the nearest 1/8 of an inch to ensure your blinds to be short.

For the inside mounts, your measurements should be for the exact widths and heights of the window. However, for the outside windows, your measurements will cover the size of the area you want to cover. The difference between the two mounts: an inside mount means you are putting the treatment inside the window frame for a uniform and clean look; outside shades or blinds on the other hand go over and around the window to create more space to work with, with various options available.

The measuring process may get tedious at a point; give yourself a break at this point. Step back from the window and take a deep breath. You can visualize how wonderful your windows are going to look. Picture the flowing drapery, the soft light filtering in via your blinds, and such like stuffs. Focusing on the reward will not only help the time fly by, you will also get back to the game and the work will seem easy. Once all the measurements are made, go ahead and find more about cheap blinds Sydney to beautify your home.

Measuring your windows is a fulfilling process and should not take so long. Once you master the basics, you can even thrill yourself to the toughest window treatments and become the master of measurements!